Wednesday 530pm Service

Wednesday Evening Holy Eucharist

On Wednesday evening at 5:30 pm, our congregation shares an informal gathering around God's Word and Sacrament.  Sometimes it is an opportunity for folks to worship in the middle of the week when they have been out of town on a Sunday.   And for others, it is a chance in mid-week for a quiet and reflective time to connect with God's sacramental grace. 

When you enter our church, there will be a worship booklet and scripture page set out on the table in the front entry.  We invite you to take a copy of each and find a place in the pews that is comfortable for you.  We usually have instrumental music playing before the service so that people can be still and know God's presence among them.  The service of Holy Eucharist is found in the worship booklet and is a comtemporary liturgy not found in our Book of Common Prayer but is authorized by our Church for informal usages. 

In the course of the service, we invite the congregation to listen to three scripture readings.  The celebrant then shares a reflection on the readings.  After which, anyone who wishes may share a thought or idea that came to them from the readings.  The resulting dialogue among the congregation is a helpful way to open the meaning of scripture from a variety of perspectives. 

The service then moves to the altar for the Great Thanksgiving and Holy Communion.  In our church, all baptized persons are welcome to receive Holy Communion with us. You may receive the Bread in the palm of their hands, and the Wine is received either by drinking from the Common Chalice or by dipping the Bread into the Chalice.  Or if you prefer not to receive the sacrament, you may also come up to the altar rail to receive a blessing.  Our aim is to make everyone comfortable in a relaxed atmosphere of worship and fellowship.  The service last about one half hour. 

Immediately following our worship, we invite our visitors to join us in the church basement for an informal potluck supper.   Some visitors have other commitments and we understand that, but if not, we are honored to share a meal and to break bread with our guests.