Values and Vision

Mission Statement

We are called by God
        --To make Christ the center of our lives
        --To support one another in our journey with Christ
        --To serve the world in Christ's Name

Vision Statement

St. George's is a spiritual and diverse community, committed to making significant contributions in the world. We offer ourselves in unity with God and each other in Christ. Our horizons have no borders.



We share a common vision of service and leadership to the local and global communities. We have compassion for those who are hungry, sick, or in need, and we minister to them.


We pledge to provide congregational care, fellowship, and learning for the church family through prayer, worship and study.  We share Christ’s love with each other.


We are a committed community of faith where people from different backgrounds and perspectives openly share and contribute their spiritual experiences. 


St. George's seeks to extend a welcoming greeting.  We extend Jesus’ invitation to all people with respect and compassion to join us.   We pledge to share our hospitality with both residents and visitors to our island home.


We are pledged to help each other question, seek, discover, and deepen our spiritual journeys, building upon the wisdom of previous generations of holy women and men and everyday spiritual seekers.