Sunday 8am Service

 What to expect at the service:

Holy Eucharist, Rite I.  Holy Communion and Meditation -

This is a quiet service, done without music except on special occasions.  We use Rite I from the Book of Common Prayer.  This Rite 1 service offers an opportunity to worship using the beautiful prayers that many life long Episcopalians grew up with.  It is also a shorter service and attractive to those who like to start their day early.  The two rites stem from the adoption of the new Book of Common Prayer in 1979. There was a significant body of opinion which did not desire a great deal of change from the 1928 Prayer Book (the revision prior to 1979), while others wanted a far more updated service. So, in typical via media fashion, BOTH services were adopted. Rite I is more akin to the older, 1928 version, retaining the use of "thee" and "thou," only slightly updated versions of the Creed and the prayers, and keeping the old confession and Prayer of Consecration (although updated versions are permitted as options).