Bishop: Open

The Retired Rt. Reverend Michael Smith

Bishop Michael Smith


Interim Rector:  The Reverend Pat A. Eustis

Rev Pat A Eustis


 The Reverend  Canon Zanne Ness 

 Zanne Ness




Deacon Jane Towne

 The Reverend Jane C. Towne

                     The Reverend Beth Lipp Beth Lipp

The Reverend Dr. Ed Wos

Ed 2017



Church Administrator: Jody Duane Simmons


 Jody Duane Simmons


Arlene Gray

Organist:  Arlene Gray

Music Director:  Traci Juhala

Traci Juhala

Nursery Attendant: 

Abby Johnrude



Officers and Vestry Members

Senior Warden: Jane White

Junior Warden: Jody Duane Simmons

Past Senior Warden: Jane White

Clerk: Tiffany Towne

Treasurer:  Mike DeWall

Foundation Treasurer: Steve Tillotson

Vestry Members:

Jan Beck

Josh Gendron

Jim Guerant

Cindy Torpen

Rusty Towne

Term Expires 2019: Jan Beck, Tiffany Towne,  Jody Duane Simmons

Term Expires 2020: Jim Guerant